Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big D...

Rest in peace Dallas PuppyBoy Palmer.  You were the cutest, most loving dog ever born and all of your family will miss you terribly.  Your mom bought you in a pet shop on a credit card.  Oh my!  Lucky you, lucky us.  We had 14 good years together, its never enough.  You would sit on your dad's lap and growl when he said your name.  What? You didn't like your name?  And balance a dog bone on your nose until he said it was okay for you to eat it.  Such patience you had with your silly parents.

Then one day, along came Ailee.  Your mom brought her in the house and sat her on the floor in her car seat, you walked over to her for a sniff and she moved.  You jumped straight up in the air from surprise.  From that day on you had a playmate.  You slept under her crib and leaned over her bassinett just to make sure things were okay.  

You visited us often, Papa and I, both on the Cape and in Vermont staying as long as a month while your mom took care of her dad before he died.  Such pleasure you brought everyone who knew you.  I laughed till I cried at your antics.  And I am crying today.

I love you Dallas, run through the clouds and pee on every bush.


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  1. Very sad! Dear, sweet Dallas - he certainly was one of a kind.