Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roasting Coffee...

I read an interesting book recently.  It is called, "The Feast Nearby," by Robin Mather.

It is a memoir about a middle age, suddenly single girl who decides to move to a cabin on a lake to barter, trade, and grow her own food for $40 a week.  Interesting thoughts were packed onto every page.

Having read this, I wanted to try some of her decadent yet inexpensive ideas, one of which is roasting her own coffee.  So I bought some green beans, and an air pop popcorn popper.  No kidding it was as simple as popping the green beans in the popper and watching them spin around for 20 minutes.

They went from green to brown just like magic.

We have been invited to my son's home in Windsor, New York for the weekend.  He loves fresh ground coffee.  Won't he love roasted, pop-the-top fresh from one of mom's canning jars coffee?

You know, you can't die until you have tried everything.  This one's a winner.


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