Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its a Rock Harbor Sunday

The second day of Spring proved as uplifting as the first. It was a Rock Harbor Sunday! The docks were not in yet, there was only one boat and it lives there year round. Did you ever want to be a boat?

We started the day on a rennet and citric acid hunt. My niece is here for two weeks and we are hot on the trail of some mozzarella cheese. I used to make cheese on my farm in NY way back when but never mozzarella. Rennet was easily attainable in upstate New York but not on Cape Cod. We went to one health food store after another searching, searching, searching. Then I remembered that drug stores often carried it in NY so off to CVS we went. They were willing to order the citric acid but not the rennet. Orleans was our last hope and BINGO, we are lucky suckers today. On my way out I noticed a poster on the door announcing an upcoming cheese making class. Hello...

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