Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Reunions....

My first thought when the invitation arrived early in the year was, oh boy, that will be a long day.  It always is.

We travel from Vermont to Rehoboth, MA, (via Canton to pick up Pop and his girlfriend, Barbara), then back again the same day.  That puts us in motion for around 16 hours.  Sometimes we can spend the night but this year finds us way too busy to stay.

Our family reunion is held every two years.  This means that we always lose some of the old folks that were there for the last one.  Pop and his brother, Bob, are now the oldest which launches me into both sad and happy memories of other years and those who have passed.  Their parents had 18 children at the beginning of the last century and these two remain.  I hate to say it but when they go, we will be the "old folks."

Laughing and talking with family and friends was worth my tired bones today.  It always is.


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