Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainey Days and Sundays...

It is raining.  It was raining when I woke up, it was raining when I went to church, and it was still raining when I took this picture. 

On this day of rain, Tom and I decided to clean out our file cabinet.  We found some pretty funny notes that I wrote to him 18 years ago, back when the IBM Selectric typewriter was my main mode of communication with myself and others.

Going back, February, 1992

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in Brewster, Massachusetts.  Her name was Bevy Brat.  One day when she least expected it, she met a wonderful prince-charming type of soul named Tommy Too-Tall Tweety.  And what do you think happened.  Those two fools decided to go on a long, long journey to a very big city and before anybody could figure out the sense of this sillyness, it was too late.  They tied the knot.  And Too-Tall Tweety has been running around in circles ever since trying to figure out where to put Bevy Brat and all of their too many tweety peeps.  "If I sell this house, keep that house, buy two more houses, will all my peeps be happy and can I keep all of my duckies too, the ones that are all in a row?  Tune in tomorrow for this wonderful, continuing saga unless you think it is all too silly to be told......

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