Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Rainy Day...

And boy do we need it!

It has been such a dry summer.  The up side of that is we had red tomatoes early this year.  Usually we get no tomatoes at our high elevation because of the ten degree cooler heat inversion principle.  Normally, air temperature decreases at a rate of 3.5°F for every 1000 feet you climb into the atmosphere.   If you live on a mountain, this surely affects summer vegetable crops.

This might be the first year I have not made green tomato relish.  When I make it, I call it lemonade from lemons because who wouldn't rather have a juicy red tomato for lunch than a whole bunch of green ones?  

Our first frost usually happens around September 26 so we are a bit late this year thus allowing me a few more pictures of the garden before it is no more.  These flowers are growing in my friend Gail's vegetable garden and like her vegetables, these are on their last legs.  I wish I could bottle up the smell in this autumn menagerie, it is heavenly.   

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