Monday, May 17, 2010

Check it out...

Look who visited me this morning.  Its an Indigo Bunting.

Cool Facts:

•The Indigo Bunting migrates at night, using the stars for guidance. It learns its orientation to the night sky from its experience as a young bird observing the stars.

•Experienced adult Indigo Buntings can return to their previous breeding sites when held captive during the winter and released far from their normal wintering area.

•The sequences of notes in Indigo Bunting songs are unique to local neighborhoods. Males a few hundred meters apart generally have different songs. Males on neighboring territories often have the same or nearly identical songs.

I have only seen one other on our property and that was about ten years ago in an old apple tree.  I'm not sure where there territory is but they are not common in Vermont to my knowledge.


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