Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Wonders of Spring

My camera has been pointing every which way this spring.  There is no accounting for it.  I found these flowers on an old farm homestead belonging to my brother-in-law.  His farm is a feast for the eyes (and the camera) this time of year.  I wonder what these flowers are.  Does anybody know?

As as child I was lucky to grow up in the country and I remember everything wild growing everywhere, some things climbing up the side of the garage.  Hollyhocks were my favorite.  I have planted them on my farm in Vermont every year and they always meet with disaster.  Are some things just meant for childhood?  Is it a sin to covet the past?  And aren't I full of questions today?  Enough.

Today is my last day on the Cape until August.  My big plan for the day is to watch my great granddaughter, Skylar, run amuck on the beach at Linnell.  I always say, "Skylar, don't get your feet wet, its too cold!"  Yeah, right.

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