Saturday, May 15, 2010


What mother wouldn't love that face?

Today was the annual fiber festival in Jamaica, VT.  It was another sunny, cold day in Vermont, exactly perfect for a fiber festival.  I am always in the mood for any kind of street fair.  I regretted not inviting my family to join me this weekend.  There was the usual sheep shearing exhibition, always fun for children to watch.  My g,g,daughter would have loved it.  And my neice, Christie, would have been in her usual overstimulated state with all of these beautiful colors of wool to play with.  The last time she visited me, we made drop spindles and spent an evening learning to spin while watching a movie.  There was lots of laughter as our spindles dropped on the floor.  Life is made up of moments, special moments we remember when we need a smile.

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